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The Growfarm® Scorecard - farm business assessment


Think you're a pretty good profit generator in your farm business but want to lift your game?
Or, want to know how to get better results in your farm business but don't know where to start?
Here's your chance for an external business assessment that will help put you in the driver's seat to create the results you really want in your farm business.

Here's what you get:

  • A 60-minute call with Brendon Walsh, owner and founder of the Growfarm® System, to review all elements of your farm business (not just the on-farm ones) to assess the ability of your farm business to consistently make profit under any conditions
  • A printable Growfarm® Scorecard, summarising the results for your farm business using the Growfarm® Profit Formula
  • Recommendations tailored to you and your farm business - what you can do to improve your score and increase your chances of consistently making profit in your farm business, under any conditions.
  • A post-assessment call with Brendon to discuss your completed assessment and recommendations.

You have likely been directed here to pay for the purchase of a Growfarm® Scorecard session and report with Brendon Walsh, owner and founder of Growfarm®. By now your appointment with Brendon will have been set. Please purchase the session here prior to your appointment.

Brendon will be in touch with you at your agreed time.