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About us

As the only sheep and beef farm profit system in New Zealand, Growfarm® opened for business in 2009 helping kiwi sheep and beef farmers and their families take control of their farm businesses and live strong, profitable, fulfilling lives! Based in Feilding, New Zealand, Growfarm® founders Brendon and Kara Walsh identified 3 urgent issues in the NZ farming industry:


  1. Sheep and beef farmers as owners of multi-million dollar businesses were only receiving enough profit to live on and get by with.

  2. Farmers desperately needed upskilling as business owner thinkers

  3. Farmers had no system to help them make decisions to ensure they were able to generate profit, regardless of the prevailing product market values and variations in climate.

By developing their 3-Step Profit Formula, Growfarm® is now delivering profit-based business coaching to their clients using a unique system of business measurement and forecasting, coaching and client masterminding.

Growfarm® clients include sheep and beef farmers from all around New Zealand. Client businesses have been able to create a lot more spare cash while clients themselves have taken control of their time and created a lot more confidence and certainty about their families futures. Growfarm® really is the place sheep and beef farmers come to stay profitable!

The Growfarm® Store

We opened the Growfarm® Store in early 2016 so you can get access to concepts and resources that Growfarm® clients use and understand every day to help them generate more success in their businesses and lives. So even if you are not a Growfarm® client yet, you can start to learn and understand just what it takes to cause your sheep and beef business to deliver profit on purpose! Check out our catalog.

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